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Wellcome Trust: Questions for Governors to Ask about Maths and Science

Governor Monitoring

Governors carry out many monitoring activities in order to ensure actions undertaken by the school impact in a positive way on pupils' outcomes. Each year, at least one of the monitoring activities focuses on discussions with the children. During our two most recent monitoring rounds children were asked about their perceptions of the way the school was helping them to improve their spelling (2015/16) and in 2016/17 pupils were asked about their increased opportunities for choice and how it impacted on their learning.

As Trustees we will be continuing to focus at least one monitoring activity during 2017/18 on children's perceptions of the impact of a school priority .

Ofsted Inspection Handbook 2018

The latest Ofsted Inspection Handbook from September 2018.

National Governance Association

Recent publications and information - autumn term 2017.

NGA Learning Link

The NGA Learning Link offers flexible e-learning opportunities for governors/trustees.

FFT Aspire free training modules

FFT Aspire offers 2 free training modules for Governors/Trustees. Further information is included in the leaflet below or follow this link. http://elearning.fft.org.uk

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